At Smart Art Traders we sell original pieces of your artwork. Another great option that we provide is if you upload high resolution scanned images, we can print and ship glicee poster versions of your artwork.

Commission Structure:

We charge 30% commission on each piece of original artwork that you sell with us. Compare this with 50/50 commission structure found in most real world galleries and on other popular online art sites as well.With glicee posters we charge 70% commission for each piece sold, since equipment and materials toprint posters will be fully provided with us.

Order Flow:

Once a customer order is received by us, you will receive an order slip from us in your mail. please ship out artwork and save a shipping receipt copy of yourself.Then login to artist member's area, and input the shipping code indicated on your shipping receipt.This procedure confirms for us that you sent product and order has shipped out. The payment for the order will be accredited to your account after the customers pays us. you will have option to request payment from us in the sales history part of artist member's area. Then we will transfer the funds to your paypal account.As of now,we only give out payments through paypal. It is easy to create a paypal account if you don't have one.

Who owns the right to the artwork? Can I show elsewhere?

You retain the rights of artwork after it is sold. Smart Art Traders will have exclusive rights to showing artwork displayed on our website,to prevent the piece from being sold twice or more. However, you may still pursue physical gallery representation.

Why choose us?

We have dedicated staff to run online marketing campaigns, through ad banner advertising on relevant sites, and also perform search engine optimization so internet users may find Smart Art Traders for key art buying terms.

More questions

Email us at if you have more questions.

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